Friday, September 12, 2014

Daily Letter - September 11, 2014

Dear Beefcake, We pulled the late shift last night, and both paid the price today at work. But coming home to Chinese take away, and Monday night football made it better. Dear Offspring, My heart bursts with pride, love, and a million other emotions when I watch you sleep in your bassinet. I didn't know I could have so many emotions at once, but it's the most awesome thing ever. Dear United States, Remembering 9/11 brings back memories of my college days at Morehead State. I will forever be grateful for all the emergency responders, and heros who sacrificed so much to save others. I'm so thankful for the protection, and safety I take for granted everyday. Dear Rainfall, Watching you fall from the 4th floor window during work, made pumping more interesting. Oh how I love a good rain. 

It's Friday! Yippee!!

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