Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daily Letter - September 10, 2014

Dear Husband, Thank you for being my emotional support today. Going to Lexington solo with the little was terrifying. He was a champ, but I almost cried driving away from London. Motherhood has made me a weakling! Dear Sweet Babe, You charmed every lady that saw you today! So many people commented on how cute you were. And you slept like an angel while Mama had a little fun in Target. Dear Mimi and Gigi, I love watching you snuggle Nolan. It definitely made me breath easier knowing you both were around for our first big trip to Lexington. Dear Dad, I could faintly smell your cologe on Nolan's hair when we got home. So glad he got to snuggle his Pappy during the entire dinner. Dear Ryan, Happy Birthday (in a few days).  I'm so glad Nolan and I got to come celebrate with you tonight. Mmm, Rafferty's. 

Looking forward to the weekend! Only two more days! :)

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