Thursday, October 2, 2014

{Fresh BiB!}

A week ago, one of my favorite blogs (@todaysletters) hosted a give away for an adorable bib. Naturally, I thought I would enter because what Mama doesn't  need a good bib? Bonus points cause it's cute. (Why is it so hard to find cute bibs for boys?) 

Anyway, with a stroke of luck, I actually won! 
I was definitely surprised, and really, really excited to have won Nolan one of these suckers. :) 

Here are a few pictures of the adorable package I received via "The Pony Express."
Who wouldn't be excited when the package looks like this? I can totally appreciate it when a company takes the time to make their packaging look stellar. 
And just when I couldn't get anymore excited to open that little box, I discovered this..........
Can I say, YES! It even has a party horn?! You know you're on to something grand when there's a party horn in the package! 
This was the bib we received. Part of the fun is being surprised by which bib is in your box. Elephants and geometric prints? Perfect for Nolan. 

And last but certainly not least, here's my little man rocking his....
We are so thrilled with our bib! It looks adorable on Nolan, and it's so functional. Bonus points for collecting tons of drool, etc saving me from having to change his outfit a zillion times a day! 

If you're expecting, or know somebody who is expecting, this would be an excellent shower gift. :) You can find them at 

Happy Shopping!  

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