Thursday, October 2, 2014

{Daily Mail - October 2, 2014}

Dear Hubby, 5 points for packing my lunch last night, minus 2 points for leaving the turkey on the counter. So excited for date night! Dear Cherub Cheeks, I'll trade you a huge bottle of warm milk, for you to stop crying every night at 9 when you get sleepy. Dear Maddie, I miss you every. single. day. I think about you each time I take Nolan for a walk. P.S. That pesky neighbor dog is still trying to follow us, and Molly from down the road says she misses you also. Hope you're burying pizza crusts all over heaven. Dear New Shower Curtain, The few extra inches you give us make us feel like we are showering in a palace. Dear Scrub Jacket Pockets, You enable me to carry a crapton of extra stuff around. It's definitely a love/hate deal. 

It's almost the weekend! Yippee!

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