Wednesday, October 1, 2014

{Daily Letter - October 1, 2014}

Dear Mr Mosley, You have brought the 90's back with nightly episodes of Power Rangers. 3 points for reminding me of watching it with my brother as a kid. Dearest Nolan, You're growing so quickly. And I love watching you take in your new world. Ceiling fans really rock your socks off at the moment.  Dear October, I have been waiting all year for you! Welcome! Dear Freshly Mopped Floors, I adore the way you look and feel. Please stay clean. Dear Starbucks, Your oatmeal makes me happy, but your coffee is lackluster now that I'm grinding my own beans. Dear Kale Chips, I'm crushing're a great afternoon snack. Thanks for being on sale at Kroger this week. 

Happy October! So excited for fall!

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