Sunday, August 17, 2014

The first month learning curve....

In honor of Nolan being a month old, I thought I'd write a list of all the new things I've learned, and a few I'm still learning...

1. How to do almost anything 1 handed....including, but not limited to, eating, changing out laundry, cooking, opening mail, you name it. I'm excited to start using our new Boba wrap to be more hands free! 

2. How to walk across our bedroom floor without causing the hardwood to creak. It's true that Nolan isn't bothered by most noise, but I think trying to tip-toe around a sleeping baby is innate. 

3. Pumping while...feeding the baby, rocking the baby, sleeping sitting up, blow drying my hair, putting makeup on, and surfing the internet (Ha!) 

4. How to quickly eat breakfast, brush my teeth, and pump before the baby wakes up. I call this a trifecta, and it makes me super happy. 

5. How to enjoy even an hour of quality, no interruption sleep. So rare, but so glorious. Thanks to my hubby Jake this usually happens for a few hours every night. He takes the first part of the night shift while I sleep. So appreciative!

Now, for fun...some things I have yet to master.....

1. How to keep my house somewhat organized. I swear the living room can go from clean, to having baby crap everywhere in no time. Dirty baby clothes (I swear he only spits up when I put clean clothes on him), blankets, bottles, binkies, and general clutter all over the place! Aahh! (So thankful for my Mama visiting and helping me get back on track!)

2. How to protect myself from being umm..."showered" during diaper changes. Just when I think it's safe....BAM, he gets me. Hilarious, and accurate everytime.

3. How to get back into a cooking routine. Pre-baby I always enjoyed cooking meals from scratch. Post baby, I'll happily settle for grilled chicken from Bojangles. We've eaten there an alarming number of times in the last two weeks. (Including tonight.)

4. How to keep myself hydrated. I swear I drink a gallon of water a day. Breastfeeding makes you thirsty! More thirsty than you've ever been every. single. day!  Thank goodness for my hydro flask! 

5. How to keep myself from pulling my hair back into a "crack Mom" pony tail every single day. I'm sure my hubby loves coming home to that! Hahaha. :P

This last month has been one of the best months of my life. Adjusting to our new normal has definitely been challanging at times, but it's also been the most rewarding experience of my life. Just seeing my little peanut look up at me, smile with that gummy grin, or grab my finger instantly makes everything worth while. I've said so many prayers of gratitude in the last month. Being a parent rocks my socks off! 

PS...I promise Nolan's birth story is coming next. Stay tuned! 

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