Saturday, June 7, 2014

National Trail day!

Hiking is one of our FAVORITE activities. Last summer we did quite a bit of hiking, and decided we liked it so much, that we wanted to give backpacking a try. Let just say we were instantly hooked!

All winter long I researched gear, and read books on the Appalachian Trail (AT) like it was my job! Some would say I became mildly obsessed with hiking the AT. I honestly think Jake got tired of hearing me talk about it endlessly for weeks on end. I tend to be one of those people who will start researching something, and end up diving in head first, and reading for hours on the same topic. OOPS! 
I read people's trail journals (, joined White Blaze ( which is a network where you can discuss gear, section hikes, and just about anything concerning the AT, and even kept up with the daily weather report on top of my favorite mountain in GSMNP Mt Leconte. (

After some convincing, Jake and I decided that we would spend our summer vacation hiking the 80 miles of the AT that runs through the Smokies. We had just finished obtaining the majority of our gear when I found out I was pregnant. We knew we would have to postpone our big trip, because hiking 80 miles with 30 pounds of gear while your 6 months pregnant just wasn't an option. And unfortunately, complications early in my pregnancy has resulted in me sitting out from any hiking until after our sweet Nolan is born. But honestly, I can't think of a better reason to be sitting out a season! haha.

Anyway, the point to this lengthy post is simply to say,


There is some absolutely amazing sites to be seen in the woods, or deep in the backcountry! It's healthy, stress relieving, and energizing!  You can hike in any state, or all over the world! It's such a fun hobby! I'll leave you with some pictures of us hiking!


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