Friday, August 9, 2013

Rainbow sandals review...

Hello all. 

Many of you will remember my post about buying a pair of Rainbow sandals while on vacation in Myrtle Beach. 

Well, I thought it would be fun to post a little review about these amazing sandals now that I've had a month or so to break them in. 

First off, I waited over a year before I actually purchased a pair. Anyone who knows me, knows I have a weird internal calculator that keeps purchases in check. So paying $50 ish dollars for a pair of flip flops seemed unreasonable. But after a year of reading review after review about how incredible they were, I broke down and bought a pair. And honestly, I've never looked back!

Here are my sandals after about a month of wear. I also wore the sandals almost everyday during our trip to Gettysburg, Pa, where we did all sorts of walking through museums, and battlefields. Did I have blisters? Yes. Very small ones on my 2nd toe where the strap goes in. between your toes. But, the blisters weren't bad at all, and I continued to wear them everyday. Now, they have molded to my foot, and are super comfortable. Beyond anything I've ever worn before! They have superior arch support, which is something I've struggled with while wearing most sandals. 

I'm sold on these babies. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality sandal. They also look nice, and are made of very durable leather. They are definitely worth $50, seeing as they will last for multiple summers. :) (Or that's the common theme on the reviews.) I will update if I have any further comments or problems. But, I'm seriously not anticipating it! Haha. :)

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