Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our beloved warrior...

This past weekend, we laid to rest my sweet "Uncle" Eulis Ray Adkins. He was a true man of God, and would tell you his testimony at any given opportunity. I have only had the privilege of knowing Ray a few short years. But he left such a lasting impression, he will most definitely never be forgotten. When a true believer goes on to be with the Lord, it leaves a bittersweet impression upon us left here on Earth. There isn't anyone who would want Ray to continue suffering, and fighting like he did in his last days. We are at peace knowing that Ray has finally won his fight, and that he is now running the streets of heaven with both legs, and with all the enthusiasm that made Ray the person he was. But, we are also left with a piece of our heart that is now empty without him. We are grieving for the person who made us laugh with his many stories, or the person who would open up his arms to give such loving hugs. I remember thinking right after I found out he passed, how I wished I could pick up the phone and call him to hear him say "There's my long lost niece," as I had heard so many times before. How I wished I could have one more pow-wow conversation with him about his book that I helped him edit.

But as I sat in the pew at his funeral on Sunday morning, watching the members of Ray's beloved 5th KY stand guard at each side of his casket, and then each member from the VFW veterans group raise their right hand and touch their gloved fingers to their forehead to salute our departed saint, I knew that this was no ordinary man. He was loved by so many, and his legacy would continue on. Each person who knew him, will carry a lasting memory that they can share. Just because someone dies, does not mean that they are forgotten. I believe that our soldier, who now resides in heaven, will be another one of the guardian angels protecting us. If I could choose someone to protect me, I'd certainly pick someone who had a warrior spirit, someone who proved his toughness in the jungles of Vietnam, someone who fought cancer twice, someone who loved life, and celebrated the past. I can't think of a better person to help protect us here, than him.

Even though we will miss him greatly, we will one day see him again. And that gives everyone grieving some comfort. When I walk through the gates of heaven to greet the members of my family that have gone on before me, I can't wait to get my hug from Ray, to see him give his classic "thumbs up," and to hear again..."There's my long lost niece."

In loving memory of Eulis Ray Adkins. January 4, 1954 - July 5, 2012.

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  1. Very sweet word warrior both of Chrs for a truly gentle warrior both for Christ and his country.