Monday, June 25, 2012

Hello again, internet.

We have been home from our honeymoon for about a month, and it was incredible. We saw so much history, and beautiful places. And we walked...A LOT. I'm finally living in London full time, and loving every minute of being here with my husband. I have been organizing and unpacking, or as Jake calls it "nesting" for the last month. Tomorrow I begin my new job at St. Joseph London, and I'm excited to get back into a rhythm of working before school starts back up in August. It will be amazing working day shift, instead of midnights.

So, in the next few days I'll begin the process of updating the blog on all the fun that's been happening. But first I need to upload all the pictures...always a fun process. But I haven't forgotten about our new blog, and will be posting regularly soon!


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