Thursday, December 4, 2014

{Daily Snippet -December 4, 2014}

Dear Jake, Four years ago today, we started dating. We went to volleyball, and dinner at Ruby Tuesday's on our first date. I was totally smitten. (And still am). Let's have brownies and peppermint ice cream tonight to celebrate!  Love you to the moon. Dear Little, Your smile lights up your entire face, and melts my heart completely. I'm so in love with the little man you are becoming. Dear Rain, This is December. You are supposed to switch over to snow. Please make the necessary corrections, and bring me loads of the 'white stuff.' Dear Wild, I'm beyond excited about seeing you, but you aren't being released in any theater's around me. What gives? Dear Erin Condren, I'm ready to order my 2015 planner. Do I want a cute print, or lots of pictures? Decisions, decisions. 

After a short sabbatical, we are back! Or I am back...whatever. Happy Wednesday! 

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